Dusty Cloud Brainstorms: Don't mind the mess

Christine Lemmer-Webber, standing on some stairs

My name is Christine Lemmer-Webber, welcome to my humble home on the web. This is my personal website, always in a state where I wish I had time to clean up and add a thing or two (which is usually how I feel about my corporeal self and house too). So it goes!

More likely than not you might know me for my work on decentralized social networking technology. I'm probably most well known as co-author / co-editor of the ActivityPub specification which connects together much of the decentralized social web. However these days most of my work is happening as CTO of the Spritely Institute, where we develop next generation decentralized networking tech. It's pretty cool stuff!

I keep a blog (well kind of), and much more frequently I microblog Occasionally I also do some artwork. I am most happy in life when I am being creative.

Additionally, I co-host (with my spouse Morgan!) a podcast about user freedom and crafting called FOSS and Crafts, if you are into that kind of thing.

Aside from writing, I do a fair amount of coding, even outside of work. I like Lisps a lot, especially Guile. I've done a lot of Python, but less so lately. I am an avid supporter of both Free Software and Free Culture; most of the work I do involves user freedom in some way, particularly in conjunction with network freedom issues.

I guess if you're here you might be interested in knowing a bit about me. I'm a native of Milwaukee but these days I reside in Easthampton, MA (a lovely little town). As said, I am co-editor of the ActivityPub federated social networking standard, and I co-founded GNU MediaGoblin. Previously I worked as as a software engineer at Creative Commons. I used to do a bunch of other things, but I have decided having a long list on the front page of my site was rather silly. I am married to Morgan Lemmer-Webber, who has been the most wonderful and loving partner I could ever imagine. I still don't know how she manages to put up with me.

These days the number of cool projects I've worked on is... substantial! I'd like to reorganize this website to better highlight some of that history, but in the meanwhile, feel free to poke around. I'm not very good at hospitality, but help yourself to whatever's in the pantry. Would you like a cup of honeybush tea? There was some lapsang souchong in there too but I don't know where I put it.

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